Structured Procurement & Logistics

Without a comprehensive Procurement Strategy in place, it’s impossible to know whether or not procurement is aligned with the corporate strategy, or if progress is being made.

The procurement governing body is seen as the framework to enable us to move towards operational excellence. This framework is developed in light of the focus on procurement activities and specifically for the development of our business. 

Our procurement philosophy is to achieve our objectives through working with suppliers who are also seeking to establish partnerships based on mutual trust and co-operation, and who have a commitment to continuous improvement, following a customer quality philosophy. 

Procurement objectives are to:

  • Secure the highest quality, most cost-effective facilities, services and materials consistently supplied on time
  • Establish a supplier base with the capability to deliver specific services to specific sites
  • Our procurement principles commit that suppliers will be evaluated and selected on their performance and capability in terms of Quality, Cost, Development and Management (QCDM). 
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