Leasing & Brokering

Our leasing professionals provide strategic expertise to commercial property owners and investors, working to maximize asset awareness, stabilize occupancy through leasing and tenant retention, achieve optimal rents, and enhance investment value.

They share a dual purpose: to realise client real estate objectives and investment criteria and to develop relationships that result in long-term partnerships.

Our experts carefully analyse each asset’s investment goals, tenant mix, financing structure, building strengths, submarket conditions, and competition, then develop creative messaging and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Whether representing a single property or an entire portfolio, we manage the marketing process to strategically position assets as the superior choice in that market. Teams use a mix of technology, digital promotion, and proven property marketing approaches to attract and retain the right tenants and meet ownership’s investment objectives.

Our professionals have years of experience in representing owners and investors of all types of buildings— commercial, industrial, retail and investment property in all the metropolitan areas in South Africa, and across the African continent.  

Our teams are unique to each leasing assignment, and carefully assembled with the most accomplished professionals for that property. We leverage our connections to the tenant and broker communities—locally, nationally and globally—to understand opportunities and market dynamics. Teams also tap in-house research, marketing, financial analytics, property management, capital markets, appraisal, sustainability, and other resources to develop targeted marketing strategies, improve negotiating leverage, and ensure sound decision-making.

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